Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential


Who does LEAP help?

Can I use personal assistance services in my workplace? What resources are available to meet this need?

How can I become a better self-advocate, and how can I become involved with others in making changes to benefit persons with disabilities?

How can LEAP help me?

How does LEAP define disability?

Is there a fee for services?

What is a Center for Independent Living?

What is the philosophy of independent living?

How does a person qualify for services? Is everyone eligible?

Can LEAP help find me a job?

Which office of the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities agency serves Cuyahoga and Lorain counties?

I have a new disability and want to go back to work. What resources are available to help me?

How can I learn about accommodations that could help me on the job?

What is the Ticket to Work program?

Will I lose my benefits if I return to work?

I do not want to move into a nursing facility. What are my options?

How do I manage my personal assistance services? I need advice on funding, hiring, firing, day-to-day scheduling, and other areas.

How do I know which personal assistance services I will need?

Which personal assistance services or community services am I eligible for?

What are some easy ways to make a home more accessible?

I need accessible public transportation. Are paratransit services are available in the area?

I need to add a lift to my van. What resources are available to help?

Can I stop in the office and get help or do I need an appointment?

What is LEAP?