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Balanced Bodies & Rhythm

Tuesday, February 22nd through Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022

When: 12:00pm - 12:45am

Balance is an essential determinant of health. Think about all the activities you do that require balance - sitting, walking, standing, getting into and out of a chair, reaching, picking up an object. Balance promotes stability and coordination throughout your body. Having a good balance helps prevent injuries. So, it's important to do exercises that improve your balance.

In our Balanced Bodies and Rhythm class, you'll work on maintaining your coordination in several different and fun ways.

Materials needed:

  • Some light weights or a pair of cans of equal weight
  • A pair of "drumsticks," which can be drumsticks or any of the following - a couple of wooden spoons, two full-sized pencils, a pool noodle cut in half, etc.
  • Something to drum on like an upside-down trash can or laundry basket, an exercise ball, a box, etc.

Limit: n/a
Duration: 6 weeks
Cost: $6.00 (Free if approved for the DSAS Grant Discount)

Zoom links will be sent to registered participants.

Questions? For more information, please contact Ted Sielski, at


This program is provided through a collaboration between LEAP and LCCC.

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