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Modifications for a Safer & More Functional Home

Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

When: 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Learn structural strategies to adapt your home to your disability.

People want to stay in their home and community for several reasons instead of moving into a care or retirement community or another type of facility.

Doing this as safely as possible requires thinking about the home's structure and personally adapting as physical capabilities change.

We know that our vision, hearing, muscle strength, balance, and more become different. As we change, our surroundings may also need to be adapted to allow as much independence and safety as possible. The home may need to be modified structurally, while we may need to make lifestyle changes.

We will discuss techniques and resources and explore independent living options and barriers that need legislative action.

You will have a chance to ask questions and share your experiences.

Presented by Joseph Bell, Policy Advocacte and Alicia Goddard, Community Partnership leads at LEAP.

Questions? Contact Joseph at or call 216-456-0824.

This is a safe-place to talk about policies and issues where everyone is treated with respect regardless of their differentiating points of view. It is open to those ages 17 and up.

We hope to see you at this informative presentation!

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