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LEAP champions equality for all people in every aspect of life; including barrier-free voting.

Posted September 19, 2020 in Press Releases

As a Center for Independent Living supporting persons with disabilities, LEAP champions equality for all people in every aspect of life. Thus, we believe everyone should have convenient, barrier-free access to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has mandated each of the state’s 88 counties only provide one drop-off location for residents to return their absentee ballot.

Cuyahoga County has more than 860,000 registered voters and the downtown Cleveland board of elections location is not accessible to many. For some, returning their ballot by mail presents unnecessary challenges.

Allowing each county board of elections to designate additional drop-off locations would benefit everyone casting their vote this fall, regardless of their political party affiliation, income or zip code.

With the court ruling this Tuesday, September 15th that Ohio law does allow for county board of elections to set up more than one drop-off box, we hope that Secretary of State Frank LaRose, will follow his previous statements that he would honor a judicial order and authorize more drop boxes rather than his planned appeal.

We hope you will encourage Ohio's Secretary of State to follow the court order and allow county board of elections to securely set up multiple drop-boxes by contacting his office: