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SNAP Launching New Forms Mid-June 2023

Posted June 05, 2023 in External News

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News from Cuyahoga Job and Family Services (CJFS)

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) after more than a year of research, interviewing SNAP recipients and advocacy group staff from across the state to identify elements of the forms that were confusing or unclear, ODJFS has created improved, user-friendly notices and forms.

Cuyahoga Job and Family Services wants to thank our local community partners who have participated in this discussion and have given feedback, in addition to some of our own SNAP customers who participated in state led focus groups.

(LEAP extends a thank you to all consumers who participated and provided vital feedback in these forums.)

To make the documents easier to understand, ODJFS has simplified the language, ensured that timely deadlines are highlighted, and added icons and graphics, among other changes.

Please note:

  • The notices and forms have been redesigned so that they are easier to read and understand.
  • Customers may start seeing these new forms beginning in mid-June
  • The redesigned layout itself will not affect the amount of SNAP/Cash benefits they receive, although recipients will continue to receive the appropriate notices of action (Approval, Denial, Benefits Change, Discontinuance, etc.), which may affect the amount of benefits received.
  • Note that SNAP/Cash notices will look different than Child Care and Medicaid notices that a recipient may receive at the same time.

The state will be launching these redesigned forms this summer, and beginning mid-June 2023 these redesigned notices and forms will be mailed to SNAP and Cash recipients. In addition, CJFS will be reaching out to current recipients to notify recipients of the change.