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Vote YES on Issue 33

Posted on 03/13/20 in Advocacy

Vote YES on Issue 33

With the election just days away, we wanted to share some information on Issue 33 and encourage everyone to vote YES on this impactful issue- which is the proposed Health and Human Services Levy for Cuyahoga County.

Here are some basic facts for the proposed levy:

  • Issue 33 will replace the current levy of $3.9 million and add $0.8 million over the next 8 years which will translate to $35 million annually for Health and Human services (for homeowners whose house is valued at $100,000, this translate to a $41 each year).

  • Issue 33 will help to ensure that more children are attending quality pre-kindergarten programs (to see a local study on the great benefits and impact of quality pre-k programs, click here)

  • Issue will support more kinship care for neglected and abused children, allowing aunts, uncles or grandparents to provide the nurturing care these children need.

  • It will help eliminate dangerous delays faced by people in crisis and reduce waiting lists for seniors who need help with meals, in-home assistance and other services (i.e. Meals on Wheels and home health care)

  • It will help homeless families and young adults get permanent housing, and it will help keep the mentally ill and drug-addicted out of jail by providing more treatment services.

It is important to note that this tax increase is very needed and necessary despite the recent opioid settlements as all of the above needs exist apart for the damage caused by the opioid crisis.

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