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Posted on 05/28/21 by Community in General

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Aging in place is the concept of living within and being a part of a community. Usually this is in a house or an apartment setting. When we think of aging in place, one of the first images that usually pops into people's heads is the structure of the living place. However, the concept is larger than the dwelling as it includes the physical, mental, and financial health of those wishing to remain within their communities.

As all of us age, our body changes. Our eyesight becomes less sharp, and our balance can become unsteady, increasing the risk of falls. Our memories can become less sharp than they used to be, and we may face other physical and emotional challenges. As our bodies change, so must the living spaces to accommodate these changes.

Do you know that every thirteen seconds an older adult visits the emergency room due to a fall related injury? Yet there are six easy steps to prevent a fall. They are inexpensive and easy to remember. This way falling does not need to be a normal part of aging.

LEAP’s “Aging in Place” Community talk addresses these concerns with advice about steps you or a loved one might want to think about as they move into their senior years. We cover changes needed from outside of the home (including landscape) to indoor accommodations (Including lighting, stairs, and appliances) to accommodate the changing body. In addition, we also discuss health and wellness, from keeping in touch with friends and family to taking classes that improve and maintain balance, strength, and coordination to the fullest extent possible.

The presentation also goes over some technology aids like cell phone apps and a few tools that can make life safer and easier. An example is a button hook. A button hook is an adaptive device that allows a person with the function of just one hand, lack of grip strength, or dexterity to still button and unbutton their clothing. LEAP’s Aging in Place program also covers various community resources from financing these changes and to how to go about researching other options within our communities.

Mark your calendars for Saturday June 12th from 10:00 am to 11:00 am when LEAP will be presenting “Aging in Place” through the Cuyahoga Public Library System. Other dates and times are available on our Events Calendar page, filtered by “Community Education”. We hope to see you there!

Alternately, to schedule an “Aging in Place” presentation or to see other talks we currently offer, please visit our Speakers Bureau web page. Presentations are available for organizations you may belong to such a senior center, library or church or just a group of interested friends.

Author: Alicia Goddard, AmeriCorps Vista Volunteer - Community Partnerships at LEAP

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