Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential

Community Impact

During 2022, we served 1,536 individuals with disabilities.

LEAP is a federally recognized Center for Independent Living (CIL). CIL's are non-residential places of action and coalition where persons with disabilities learn and develop necessary skills, empowering them to make their own life choices.


We tirelessly worked to advance the rights of individuals with disabilities across multiple local, state, & federal organizations. LEAP advocated for systems change to promote Independent Living for all individuals who live with disabilities. We worked... read more


102 individuals were taught how to effectively assert their rights. We continually built coalitions or collaborative partnerships designed to expand participation of individuals with significant disabilities in communities & participated with others who shared the mission... read more


112 individuals received independent living skills training services. Living independently requires knowledge, planning, and support. LEAP’s services helped ensure that individuals understand their options for home- and community-based services and support and are ready for the... read more


934 individuals received expert assistance obtaining their benefits. LEAP’s benefits assistance program helped individuals with disabilities and older adults learn about and gain access to government programs. This helped individuals maintain stable and adequate financial resources. Disability... read more


230 individuals increased their income and security by using our employment services. LEAP’s employment services promoted the independence and self-sufficiency of adults and youth with disabilities. Employment specialists considered the strengths and concerns of each individual... read more


170 individuals participated in our Quantum LEAP recreational programs. We offered a variety of social, recreational, and athletic opportunities for adults with disabilities, ages 18+. These year-round activities were specifically designed or adapted for individuals with... read more