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Quality of life matters, and for individuals who work with LEAP, quality of life is changed in highly personalized ways. When people with disabilities work with LEAP, they experience not only independence and choice, but also a heightened sense of life’s joys.


Advocating to Live Independently

Judah is 74 years young, and her strong faith has supported a sense of self-advocacy for living her life. When asked about her journey to return home from nursing home care and to independence, she... read more

Ryan thriving in postsecondary employment

Ryan, a LEAP consumer who has accessed multiple agency services during the past year-plus, recently achieved one of his independent living goals when he was employed by a local Giant Eagle supermarket. Ryan first became involved... read more

During pandemic, LEAP helps Jane move into her own home.

As a partner for Ohio's HOME Choice program, our Independent Living Specialists work to help eligible Ohioans move from long-term care facilities back into their own home. Even during these challenging times, our dedicated team... read more

LEAP consumer embraces employment journey, pivots career focus

LEAP encourages participants in our employment services to embrace the process of self-discovery that coincides with pursuing a new job. Once working, staying curious and embracing the highs and lows that inevitably accompany a new... read more

A Working Relationship for a Stronger Community

LEAP’s long-standing relationship with the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center has been productive for both partners. In this video, human resources recruiter Charles Bonacci talks about how the hospital has benefitted from working with... read more

LEAP helps youth with disabilities land his first job at Giant Eagle!

Tom, one of LEAP’s dedicated employment specialists, recently helped a consumer earn his first job! Tom first met the consumer when he participated in LEAP’s Summer Youth Work Experience (SYWE) program for high school students. Their... read more

Spotlight on our Amazing Quantum LEAP Aerobics Instructor

Thank you to Alicia who has been running our aerobics activities for the Quantum LEAP program for over 10 years! Alicia knew that there was a need for fun exercise activities for persons with developmental disabilities... read more

Bob Voss - Great Lakes Brewing Company

Bob Voss, pub manager for Great Lakes Brewing Co., talks about success in hiring an individual through LEAP. read more

A New Apartment & Renewed Hope for Mother & Son

“Jane” and “Tom” came to Ohio displaced from a hurricane in Texas. Shortly upon arrival, Jane had a series of strokes landing her in a nursing home. Her son, Tom, has health issues with a... read more

Grit and Positivity Result in Long-Awaited Homecoming

After a serious medical emergency resulted in the amputation of her fingers and toes, Carolyn Jones was forced to reside in a Northeast Ohio nursing home for about eight months. She was also without access... read more

The Crossroads of Commerce and Community

A cozy little shop with natural lighting, wooden bins of fresh produce, and a big chalkboard covered in colorful lists of bulk grains and smoothie ingredients The Grocery is one of Ohio City’s hidden gems.... read more

Continuing positive community partnerships

As National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) comes to an end, we are very excited to honor an individual supervisor who has worked closely with the LEAP Employment Services Program. Joshua (Josh) Beers, the Supervisor... read more

Learning to Live Again After a Spinal Cord Injury

LEAP Board member Scott Fedor never expected a simple summer swim at a Michigan vacation home to change his life. But almost immediately after he dove into the too-shallow lake water, he knew his life... read more

LEAP and Winking Lizard Team Up To Find Te'Chaun a Job

When Te’chaun came to Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential (LEAP) looking for help finding a job, he had practically no work experience. But what he lacked in experience, Te’chaun made up for with his unfailing... read more

Growing in Leaps & Bounds with Quantum LEAP.

Preston Carter is a well-known presence around Quantum LEAP. Entering his 9th year with our program, he may be what some call “a lifer.” Sherri Morris, Preston’s mother, wanted Preston involved in after-work activities.... read more

Habitat for Humanity Recognizes Extraordinary Service of LEAP Consumer

Emily Hayes has been a housekeeper at the administrative office of Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity for the past five years. It’s not easy work, as construction volunteers and others frequently tromp through the office... read more

In My Own Words: Amy Hook, Advocate

In My Own Words: Amy Hook, Advocate My name is Amy Hook, and my story is alive with advocacy and the belief in possibilities. My story started with seizures and boarding schools not wanting to enroll... read more

"The Best Job Experience I've Ever Had"

Brian is passionate about movies. Watching characters and their exciting stories play out on screen is one of his favorite ways to spend some time. With an interest in the movie business and a history... read more

Employment Brings Hope and Healing

A former Marine and construction worker, Anthony finds it difficult to be idle. “I don’t know how not to work,” he said. A horrific car accident in 2008 left him with a traumatic brain injury... read more

The Courage to Succeed

Charmaine is one of those lucky people who discovered her calling early on. “I knew I was going to be an artist when I was a young child making mud pies,” she said. Charmaine is... read more

Leroy Woods LEAPs from Consumer to Employee

When you meet Leroy Woods, you immediately notice his shiny, amber-color earring, his fast and easy smile, and his twinkling eyes. All that sparkle perfectly complements his outgoing and energetic personality. It’s easy to imagine... read more

Celebrating Employees with Disabilities and Those Who Hire Them!

Expect. Employ. Empower.That is the theme for 2104 National Disability Employment Awareness Month, an annual campaign sponsored each October by the U.S. Department of Labor. The effort is intended to raise awareness of the vast... read more

A 27-Year Wait for Low-Vision Help

On a warm July night in 1985, Jim, a seargeant and night-shift supervisor with the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, said good-night to his wife and 11-year-old son, hopped in his patrol cruiser, and headed to... read more

Down but not Out, with LEAP's Help

When life knocks her down, Patricia pops up faster than one of those old-fashioned inflatable bop clowns. Health issues have forced her to rebuild her life virtually from scratch, but Patricia’s positive attitude is indomitable.... read more

The Transformative Power of Peer Support

It doesn’t really change a thing, but knowing you’re not alone somehow helps. Janet, one of LEAP’s low-vision consumers, experienced this truth when she met Melissa Hernandez, one of LEAP’s independent living specialists. Janet has... read more

Headed Off to College, Confident and Prepared

To celebrate the start of the academic year, LEAP features Lauren’s High School High Tech final presentation. Lauren graduated from Valley Forge High School last spring and is now enrolled in college. Following is her... read more

Enjoying Life's Simple Pleasures

A string of unfortunate events led to Delores’ four-month stay in a nursing home. With LEAP’s help, however, she was able to move back into the community, where she is now living independently in her... read more

Initiative Lands Him the Job

Taking initiative is one hallmark of a good employee, and taking initiative helped James, a LEAP consumer who has a developmental disability, get hired by Marriott Corporation.James was in the midst of a job training... read more

Life in the Right Order: Family First, Injury Second

A horrific automobile accident 18 years ago crushed two of Marc’s vertebrae and left him paralyzed. Intensive rehabilitation, numerous surgeries, and incredible determination let him recover some movement, and the Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Program... read more

HOME Choice Gives Fresh Start

As a young man, Clark did what was necessary for him to work and earn a living. Born with spina bifida, he lived with constant pain, but medication allowed him to work and meet his... read more

In My Own Words: Rosemary Musachio, Advocate, Writer, Poet, Adventurer

My name is Rosemary Musachio. I was born on Sept. 13, 1966, at an American naval hospital in Pozzuoli, Italy, and the doctor asked my parents, “What will you do with her?” My parents looked... read more