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Photo of Joshua Beers w/LEAP recognition

As National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) comes to an end, we are very excited to honor an individual supervisor who has worked closely with the LEAP Employment Services Program. Joshua Beers, the Supervisor of Radiology Transport at University Hospitals, was honored on Monday, October 19th, with a certificate of recognition for his commitment to the advancement and employment of people with disabilities at University Hospitals.

We sat down with Josh to talk about his experience with the LEAP Employment Program during his time at UH.

Following interview is availabe as a downloadable PDF.

LEAP: How do LEAP candidates compare to other candidates?

JOSH: The LEAP candidates that stick really have an outstanding attitude towards working. Work isn’t a chore for them/ they’re excited to be here. They’re very engaged and take the job seriously, and I think they’re happy to have it. And that is a pleasure.

LEAP Is there anything in particular that resonates for you in terms of working with people with disabilities?

JOSH: People with disabilities are underestimated – way underestimated. Once I started being really involved in the program, that’s what I came to understand. These kids are learning remembering what has happened, and applying new processes in real time. They’re a very capable and underestimated group.

LEAP: Pick one word to describe your experience with LEAP.

JOSH: Positive. Every experience with you guys has been nothing but positive.

LEAP: What skills have you seen LEAP consumers develop here?

JOSH: They excel in problem solving. A lot of transport is problem solving because we’re people taking people to other people. In the beginning there were a lot of pho ne calls from them asking, “What do I do now?” But now we’re at the point where they’re able to apply some of those past lessons to their current situations. It’s been really positive.

LEAP: Tell us a little about your experience with your LEAP Job Coach.

JOSH: Bob [Pressnell] has that kind of chameleon ability to understand the vibe of his team and the atmosphere they’re working in. He’s not only able to blend in and become part of that team, but he also understands who we’re looking for and who will fit in with our group; he can bring us candidates that he thinks have a chance to succeed inside the group. Bob know how to find the right people for our group that can get in and get going. He’s very proactive.

LEAP: How did LEAP respond when things got bumpy with potential candidates?

JOSS: You guys were very positive, very supportive. You really understood where we were coming from.

LEAP: What do you see for the future of the relationship between the UH Transport Department and LEAP?

JOSS: Well, I recently talked to Bob about getting more candidates in here. A lot of the LEAP candidates that I get, I see as employees that can be developed here and kept in our department for a long time. So that part of it is exciting to me. The more I develop and train good employees, the less of that there is and the more consistently we can operate. I think LEAP has contributed to my effort to build more stability within my team.