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During pandemic, LEAP helps Jane move into her own home.

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As a partner for Ohio's HOME Choice program, our Independent Living Specialists work to help eligible Ohioans move from long-term care facilities back into their own home. Even during these challenging times, our dedicated team is working to make that a reality.

One wonderful example is the work that Brenda, one of our specialists, did to help Jane move into her own apartment at an assisted living facility.

Brenda purchased new furniture and household items to be delivered prior to Jane's move. But due to the current pandemic, Brenda was not able to enter as well as the delivery staff. Instead, she coordinated with the facility staff to set everything up on behalf of Brenda and Jane.

Thanks to Brenda's tenacity and hard work, Jane has a new home, saying that her new furniture is the nicest she's had and she would not forget her.