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LEAP and Winking Lizard Team Up To Find Te'Chaun a Job

LEAP and Winking Lizard Team Up To Find Te'Chaun a Job

When Te’chaun came to Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential (LEAP) looking for help finding a job, he had practically no work experience. But what he lacked in experience, Te’chaun made up for with his unfailing enthusiasm. Te’chaun’s employment journey with LEAP has included a wide range of employment services, from completing a Community-Based Assessment at Walgreens, to preparing a resume and learning interview techniques, to gaining a better understanding of how to search online for jobs.

“LEAP showed me how to look for and interview for a job,” said Te’chaun. “They helped me remain focused on my goal, which was for part-time employment that was a fit for my skills. I knew that once I had a job I liked I would be great at it.” Te’chaun interviewed for, and was offered a job as busser/dishwasher at the Winking Lizard restaurant in Bedford. In addition to bussing tables and dish-washing, Te’chaun is responsible for removing trash and making sure the restaurant and restrooms are in top shape for customers.

According to his supervisor at the Winking Lizard, Te’chaun was absolutely right about doing a good job once he had the opportunity. “I wish everyone came to work with the positive attitude Te’chaun has,” said Shannon, Te'chaun's supervisor. “We love having him here. Not only is Te’chaun a positive force, he’s also prompt, offers to work if someone calls off, and has shown a noticeable improvement in skills since he started working here.”

Te’chaun also feels great about his role at Winking Lizard. “Right now, I’m very happy here. I’d like to save up for my own car. Maybe one of these days, I can be a supervisor, and help other people find their place at the Winking Lizard.”

LEAP is a Northeast Ohio non-profit disability-services agency that offers comprehensive employment services to persons with a wide range of disabilities by working with Northeast Ohio companies and program partners to promote and provide a variety of community-based employment opportunities. To learn more about LEAP’s employment programs, visit LEAP online: or contact Employment Services at 216.696.2716 or