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LEAP consumer embraces employment journey, pivots career focus

LEAP consumer embraces employment journey, pivots career focus

LEAP encourages participants in our employment services to embrace the process of self-discovery that coincides with pursuing a new job. Once working, staying curious and embracing the highs and lows that inevitably accompany a new position leads to continued personal and professional growth.

The recent employment transition experienced by Ariana, a LEAP consumer, is a reminder that the path to finding career success often isn’t linear. More often, the process involves a series of learning experiences that, over time, reveal the industry or occupation that best matches your strengths and personality.

Ariana’s positive experience interacting with children working as a lifeguard initially led her to pursue a customer service role. With help from LEAP employment specialist Annie Jones, Ariana polished her resume and interviewing skills.

Shortly thereafter, Ariana was offered and accepted a position at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, a LEAP employer partner. Annie continued to provide on-the-job coaching, mentoring Ariana on how to effectively communicate with co-workers and manage stress.

“Annie gave me good advice on how to navigate tough situations,” Arianna said. “She also shared coping techniques to help me at work.”

Within a few weeks, Ariana realized the stress of constantly interacting with customers was prohibiting her from achieving her potential. Equipped with that knowledge, she began to proactively seek new employment in a non-customer facing role while continuing to work in her existing position.

We’re happy to report that Ariana’s self-directed job search has led to her being offered a position within the laundry division of a local amusement park. LEAP would like to congratulate Ariana and wish her the best as she pivots her career focus and embraces her new opportunity!


Brief about LEAP’s Adult Employment Services:

  • LEAP’s employment services promote the independence and self-sufficiency of adults with disabilities.

  • Employment specialists consider the strengths and concerns of each consumer and devise an individualized plan of action.

  • Plans can include services such as community-based assessments, work adjustment services, and job coaching.