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A New Apartment & Renewed Hope for Mother & Son

A New Apartment & Renewed Hope for Mother & Son

“Jane” and “Tom” came to Ohio displaced from a hurricane in Texas. Shortly upon arrival, Jane had a series of strokes landing her in a nursing home. Her son, Tom, has health issues with a severe form of epilepsy which caused brain damage making him heavily dependent on his mom. With her in the nursing facility, Tom ended up homeless.

Tom would walk twice a week from the shelter in Lorain to the nursing home in Elyria just to visit with her. However, not long after Jane was in the nursing home, Tom had to be placed in a medically induced coma to help stop the continuous seizures he was experiencing. He would be eventually released back to the homeless shelter.

After nearly a year apart, LEAP helped reunite them under one roof.

Brenda, Independent Living Specialist at LEAP, helped facilitate their transition from the nursing home and shelter back to living in their own apartment. This included processing paperwork with the nursing home and government agencies, locating an apartment, purchasing furniture and supplies, coordinating delivery trucks to being present on move-in day to handle any unforeseen complications.

On the day of move-in, it was far from ideal for Brenda and Jane; the apartment was not in a livable condition when they arrived. Brenda quickly called the property management company to have them rectify the situation – all the while reassuring Jane that she would make things right. And, she 100% did!

Jane shared that she felt like this was the first step to creating a stable life for the two of them and she was very grateful for Brenda for helping to make it happen.

When asked what her move-in day meant, “He (Tom) means the world to me! When we’re apart, we’re not ok, but when we’re together, we are great! And now we’ll be together so that I can stop stressing about him and so we can focus on getting him the surgery he needs to help with his seizures.”

“This move is just what we both needed to get our lives back on track, thank you!”

Welcome home Jane and Tom!


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