Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential


Why Advocate?

Posted on 03/14/24 by Melanie in Advocacy

[image:1] Built on the philosophy of individual choice and control, LEAP believes in helping people with disabilities to help themselves, and helping others understand how to support people with disabilities. We do this through various levels... read more

Peer Support

Posted on 11/30/23 by Maria in Independent Living

[image:1] What is Peer Support? This service creates an environment among people with disabilities where knowledge and experiences are shared to help with emotional, social, and practical needs. Support can be one-on-one with a peer support advocate or... read more

Everybody Topped the Leader Board at our 2023 Golf Benefit Event!

Posted on 10/19/23 in General

By Beth Glas, LEAP Executive Director All this was possible because of our generous sponsors. We want to start with a big Thank You to our Topgolf Presenting Sponsor, FIT Technologies, for leading the way! They got... read more

Covid-19 Vaccines: Available & Accessible for Everyone

Posted on 09/01/22 by Community in General

[image:1] LEAP wants to ensure that vaccines are available and accessible to everyone who wants them. As a result, we are would like to hear from you. We are hoping have feedback on your... read more

Primary Voting on Tuesday, May 3rd!

Posted on 04/30/22 by Advocacy in General

There will be a primary on Tuesday, May 3rd! There have been severe delays in finalizing districts for the state legislature and U.S. House seats. Early voting has already started and mail in ballots must be... read more